Cupronickel Strip (Copper-nickel Strip)
  • Description

    Cupronickel strip, also called copper-nickel strip, is a copper-based alloys with nickel and zinc. Cupronickel alloy with manganese, iron, zinc, aluminum is called complicated cupronickel, that is, cupronickel made of over three elements. Complicated cupronickel mainly covers iron cupronickel, manganese cupronickel, zinc cupronickel, aluminum cupronickel, etc. These cupronickel alloy are widely applied in shipbuilding, petrochemical, electric appliances, instrument, medical equipment, decorative crafts, etc. They are also important resistors and thermocouple alloys.


    1. Cupronickel strip has outstanding corrosion resistance (because of the corrosion-resistant Ni), excellent welding property (supreme soldering property), great cold machinability, ductility (drawing shaping), fatigue durability, high elasticity and mechanical property, shielding property, etc.
    2. Copper-nickel strip is silver-white with metallic luster.
    3. Pure copper with Ni can dramatically improve strength, corrosion resistance, hardness, resistance and pyroelectricity as well as reduce temperature coefficient of resistivity. Thus, cupronickel strip does exceptionally well in mechanical and physical properties than other copper alloys. It is characterized by excellent ductility, hardness, beautiful colors, corrosion resistance and deep drawing properties.