Electrolytic Copper Foil
  • Description

    Electrolytic copper foil is a significant material to manufacture CCL and PCB. Nowadays, electrodeposited copper foil is called the "neural network” of transmission and communication for signal and electricity of electronic products.

    Technical Process

    The technical process of electrolytic copper foil is very simple. There are mainly three processes: solution to foil, appearance dealing and product cutting. These processes seem to be simple, but they have integrated electronics, machinery with electrochemistry. In particular, they have strict requests on the production environment.
  • Description

    Electrolytic Copper Foil is an important material to make CCL and PCB. Nowadays, with the rapid development of electronic information industry, Electrolytic Copper Foil is referred to as the neural network to connect electronic products signal and power transmission.

    Technological process

    The production process of Electrodeposited Copper Foil is very simple. There are three main processes: Solution to foil, appearance dealing, products cutting. The process of Electrolytic Copper Foil looks like simple, but it gathers electron, machine, electrochemistry and it is a production process with strict request on production environment.