Cupronickel Rod
  • Description

    Cupronickel rod is copper alloy, which main element is nickel. On the basic of copper and nickel, cupronickel rod is added into the third element, like zinc, manganese, aluminum, thus, it can be called zinc cupronickel rod, manganese cupronickel rod, aluminum cupronickel rod and so on.


    Copper-nickel bar is classified into five types: general cupronickel bar, iron cupronickel bar, manganese cupronickel bar, zinc cupronickel bar, aluminum cupronickel bar. Copper-nickel rod can be classified into two parts which are 90/10 and 95/5.


    90/10 Cupronickel rod is widely used in general engineering applications, heat exchanger application. On the other hand, the 95/5 is used in refineries, power plants and ship buildings.


    Cupronickel rod is characterized by good corrosion resistance, high plasticity, good electric property, which can be processed in hot and cold pressure. It is the important high resistance and thermocouple alloys except for using as structural material.


    Alloy Designation Sectional Shape Sectional Label Condition Sectional Dimension Length Reference Standard
    BFe30-1-1 (C71500) Circle Diameter R φ40 to 120 500 to 5000 GB13808-92
    M Y φ25 to 50 500 to 5000 GB4423-92
    Rectangle Hexagon Inscribed Circle Diameter M Y φ25 to 50 500 to 5000 GB4423-92
    BFe10-1-1 (C70600) Circle Diameter R φ40 to 120 500 to 5000 Production Agreement
    BZn15-24-1.5 Circle Diameter T φ7.3 to 14.2 1800 to 2700 Manufacturer's Standard
    * It can be negotiated if the specification is beyond the range.