Embossed Aluminum Plate, No-Slip Aluminum Plate
  • Description

    Different classifications according to the aluminum panel alloy.

    1. General aluminum alloy checkered plate:

    Aluminum alloy checkered plate is processed by 1060 aluminum plate base, which has reasonable price and adapt to common environment. Generally, cold storage, floor, outer packing all use this kind of checkered plate.

    2. Aluminum manganese alloy checkered plate:

    Its main element is 3003 series aluminum plate. we also called rust protection aluminum plate. It has higher strength than general aluminum alloy checkered plate, so that it is applied in the aspect of lax rust protection, such like van type, cold storage floor.

    3. Aluminum magnesium alloy checkered plate:

    Made by 5052 or 5083, 5000 series aluminum plate as raw material, with good corrosion resistance, hardness, rust protection.
    It usually applied in special places, such as ship, carriage light, humid environment, high hardness, certain bearing force. It is mainly used in carriage, platform skid resistance, cold storage floor skid resistance, lift skid resistance.


    1. Embossed aluminum plate has capable of good skid resistance, which is widely used in architecture (floor) platform design.
    2. The pattern on appearance of aluminum arranges relatively parallel according to the five concave-convex patterns.
    3. Each pattern is at 60 to 80 degree angle with other patterns; therefore, this kind of pattern is typical of excellent skid resistance.