Aluminum Strip
  • Description:

    General status: O status and H status and so on. O represents soft status, H represents hard status. The figure on behind of O and H represents for soft and hardness degree and annealing degree.
    General aluminum strip alloy designation: 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052, 8011


    Aluminum strip is mainly applied in transformer aluminum (transformer aluminum foil), high frequency welding middle air aluminum strip for aluminum bar, fin radiator aluminum strip, cable aluminum strip, stamping aluminum strip, aluminum piece bar strip, etc.

    Characters of Aluminum Strip

    1. 1060 aluminum strip request of high occasions of corrosion and plasticity, but low demands on strength. It is applied in chemical equipment
    2. 1100 is used in parts which request of good plasticity and high corrosion resistance, low request of strength. It is applied in chemical product, food industry devices and storage container, thin plate
    processing piece, etc.
    3. 3004 Panel, thick plate, extension tubes. It is mainly used in the whole aluminum tin body, chemical product producing and storing devices, thin plate processing piece, architecture baffle, cable pipes, sewer, all kinds of light parts.
    4. 3003 Plate sheet strip, foil, thick plate, extrusion tubes, extension pipes, rod, bar, wire, wire rod, cold processing bar, rivet wire rod, forging piece, foil, radiating tin.
    It is mainly used in processing parts with good plasticity, high corrosion resistance or good welding or all these properties and workpiece with higher strength than 1xxxx series of alloy, such as groove and tin of transmission liquid, pressure tin.
    5. 5052 is characterized by good plasticity, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength and middle static strength, which is applied in airplane oil, tubes, sheet metal parts of traffic vehicles and ship, instrument, street light branch, rivet, hardware, etc.