Aluminum Tubing/Aluminum Tube, Aluminum Pipe
  • Description

    1. Aluminum Tube is a kind of nonferrous metals, which is a metal tubular material that extruded by pure aluminum or aluminum alloy. Aluminum pipe has one or more sealing through-hole, uniform wall thickness and cross section.

    2. Classification

    According to the appearance: square tube, circle tube, checkered tube, section tube
    According to the ways of extrusion: seamless aluminum tube and general extrusion tube
    According to the precision: general aluminum tube and precise aluminum tube (the precise aluminum tube needs reprocess after extrusion, such as cold drawing, stamping.)
    According to the thickness: general aluminum tube and thin wall aluminum tube

    3. Application

    Aluminum tube is widely used in automobile, ship, spaceflight, aviation, electric appliances, agriculture, electromechanical industry and home furnishing, etc.

    4. Merits

    1. Welding skill: It is suitable for thin wall copper tube welding skills in industrial production, which is called world problems, it is crucial technology of air-condition connecting tube aluminum replace of copper.
    2. Service life: From the view of aluminum inner wall, due to refrigerator without water, copper aluminum connecting tube will not happen to corrosion.
    3. Saving energy: The connecting pipe of air-condition inside machine and outside machine, lower heat conductivity more energy saving, or better heat resistance, more electricity saving.
    4. Good bending property, easy to install and phone moving.

    5. Properties

    Corrosion resistance
    Light weight