Copper Foil Rolled Copper FoilElectrolytic Copper Foil


Copper foil is a kind of electrolytic material. It is a thin layer and continual metal foil which settle in the basal layer of the circuit board. Copper foil is used as electric conductor of PCB. It is easy to glue in the insulating layer, accepts print protection layer and then forms circuit pattern after corrosion. Copper foil sheet is made of copper and other metal in accordance with certain proportion. It is well-suited to hotel, Buddha in temple, gilded signboard, tile mosaics, crafts, etc. We supply rolled copper foil and electrolytic copper foil. Rolled copper foil is widely applied to calculators for industrial use, telecom equipment, QA equipment, lithium ion battery, civil television, VCR, CD player, copier, telephone, air conditioner, automotive electronic components, game machine, etc. Electrolytic copper foil is called "neural network” of transmission and communication for signal and electricity of electronic products.


Copper foil has lower surface oxygen, which can attach to all kinds of base, such as metal, insulation. It can be used under a wide range of temperature. Copper foil has lower surface oxygen, making it be capable of attaching to all kinds of base materials, such as metal, insulation, etc. It can be used under a wide range of temperature.