Copper Plate
  • Description

    Copper plate, made of copper and copper alloy, is generally applied in industrial sector. Copper plate has merits of good electric conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance property. We mainly offer red copper plate, brass copper plate, tin bronze and cupronickel.


    1. Copper sheet is a roofing and wall material with high stability and low maintenance; it is environmentally-friendly, safe to use, easy for processing and it enjoys high corrosion resistance opper plate.
    2. Copper plate is one of the best metal roofing materials regarding its economic performance and cost efficiency.


    The quality of our copper sheets is under strict control. Besides, with leading processing equipment and technique and strict adherence to global standards, we effectively reduce the failure rate of our copper plates, this realizes low production costs and helps us gain cost competitiveness in the market, making customers benefit from our adherence and endurance.


    1. Copper plate should be placed in clean and dry warehouse without being stored together with acid and alkali materials. The warehouse should be well-ventilated with appropriate humidity and temperature. Generally, the temperature should be in the range of 15℃ to 30℃ and the relative humidity should be kept within the range of 40%~80%.
    2. As copper material is very soft, please do not pull, drag, throw or knock on the cooper sheet in case of damaging or scratching the surface during the transportation.
    3. If copper rusts, use a linen brush or brass wire brush to erase the rust. Please don’t use steel wire brush since it will scratch the surface and also don’t use oil.