Aluminum Product
  • Description

    Aluminum plate is made up of aluminum and other alloy elements. Generally, it is processed after casting, forging, foil, plate, strip, tube, bar, profile, and then through cold bending, sewing, drilling, assembling, coloring.
    The main element of aluminum rod is aluminum, and some alloy element which improve the property of aluminum panel.


    1. Aluminum Product Classification

    Rolling material, casting material, non heat treatment alloy, pure aluminum alloy (1xxx series), aluminum copper alloy (2xxx series), aluminum manganese alloy (3xxx series), aluminum silicon alloy (4xxx series), aluminum magnesium alloy (5xxx series), aluminum magnesium silicon alloy (6xxx series), aluminum zinc magnesium alloy (7xxx series), aluminum and other element alloys (8xxx series).

    2. Aluminum Panel Processing Craft Classification

    casting material, heat treatment alloy, non heat treatment alloy.

    3. Aluminum Plate Processing Product Classification

    Stamping Product: sheet, plate, coil, panel.
    Extrusion Product: pipe, solid rod, profiles.
    Casting Product: casting.