Aluminum Plate
2000 Series
3000 Series
5000 Series
6000 Series
7000 Series
  • Description

    Aluminum plate is made up of aluminum and other alloy elements. Generally, it is processed after casting, forging, foil, plate, strip, tube, bar, profile, and then through cold bending, sewing, drilling, assembling, coloring.
    The main element of aluminum rod is aluminum, and some alloy element which improve the property of aluminum panel.


    1. Aluminum Product Classification

    Rolling material, casting material, non heat treatment alloy, pure aluminum alloy (1xxx series), aluminum copper alloy (2xxx series), aluminum manganese alloy (3xxx series), aluminum silicon alloy (4xxx series), aluminum magnesium alloy (5xxx series), aluminum magnesium silicon alloy (6xxx series), aluminum zinc magnesium alloy (7xxx series), aluminum and other element alloys (8xxx series).

    2. Aluminum Panel Processing Craft Classification

    Casting material, heat treatment alloy, non heat treatment alloy.

    3. Aluminum Plate Processing Product Classification

    Stamping Product: sheet, plate, coil, panel.
    Extrusion Product: pipe, solid rod, profiles.

  • 1050 Aluminum Plate

    Extrusion coiler for food, chemical and brewing industry, all kinds of flexible tube, firework powder.

    1060 Aluminum Plate

    Request for occasion of high corrosion resistance and plasticity, low request for strength. It is typically used in chemical equipment.

    1100 Aluminum Plate

    For processing, with good plasticity, high corrosion resistance, low demands on parts of high strength. It is applied in chemical product, food industry devices, storage container, thin plate with workpiece, deep-draw or spinning spill vessel, parts of welding, heat exchanger, printing plate, name plate, reflective instruments.

    1145 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in packaging, heat insulation aluminum foil, heat exchanger. 1199 Aluminum Plate is applied in electrolytic condenser foil, optics reflect light deposition film.

    1350 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in wire, electrical stranded wire, busbar, transformer strip.
  • 2011 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in bolt and machinery processing product request for good machinability

    2014 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in the occasion of high strength and hardness, heavy airplane, forge piece, heavy plate, extrusion material, wheels and structural element, first level fuel of multistage rocket, parts of spacecraft, truck framework, hanging system parts.

    2017 Aluminum Plate

    is 2xxx series of alloy which firstly used in the industry. The scope of application is narrow, mainly including rivet, general machinery part, structure and transportation tools structural parts, propeller, fittings.

    2024 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in airplane bolt, guided missile component, truck hub, propeller element and other kinds of structural parts 2036 Aluminum Plate is applied in sheet metal parts of car body

    2048 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in aerospace vehicle structural parts and structural parts of weapons 2124 Aluminum Plate is applied in aerospace vehicle structural parts

    2218 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in airplane engine and diesel oil engine piston, cylinder head of airplane engine, jet engines impeller and compressor ring

    2219 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in space rocket welding oxidant groove, supersonic airplane speed skin and structural parts, working temperature is between negative 270 and 300 degree centigrade. With good welding, high fracture toughness, T8 status with high corrosion resistance and fracture capability 2319 Aluminum Plate Welding rod and filling solder in welding 2219 alloy

    2618 Aluminum Plate

    Forging and free forging. Piston and space engine parts 2A01 Aluminum Plate Structural rivet whose working temperature below and equal to 100 degree centigrade 2A02 Aluminum Plate Axial direction compressor blade of turbine jet engine whose working temperature is between 200 and 300 degree centigrade

    2A06 Aluminum Plate

    Airplane structure whose working temperature is between 150 and 250 degree centigrade and the spacecraft structure rivet whose working temperature is between 125 and 250 degree centigrade

    2A10 Aluminum Plate

    The strength is higher than2A01 alloy, which is applied in making space craft structure rivet whose working temperature is below and equal to 100 degree centigrade

    2A11 Aluminum Plate

    The structure part with middle strength in the airplane, propeller blade, transportation tools and architecture structure parts.

    2A12 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in spacecraft skin, bulkhead, rib, spar, rivet, etc. Structure parts of architecture and transportation tools 2A14 Aluminum Plate is applied in complicated free forging and forging

    2A16 Aluminum Plate

    Parts of spacecraft whose working temperature is between 250 and 300 degree centigrade, welding container and gas-tight cockpit which working under the room temperature and high temperature

    2A17 Aluminum Plate

    is applied: Spacecraft whose working temperature is between 225 and 250 degree centigrade 2A50 Aluminum Plate is applied in complicated-shape of middle strength parts

    2A60 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in spacecraft engine compressor wheels, inducer, fan, impeller, etc. 2A70 Aluminum Plate is applied in airplane skin, piston of spacecraft engine, inducer, roulette, etc.

    2A80 Aluminum Plate

    is applied in spacecraft engine compressor blade, impeller, piston, packing ring and other parts with high working temperature 2A90 Aluminum Plate is applied in spacecraft engine piston
  • 3003 Aluminum Plate

    Good plasticity for processing, parts with high corrosion resistance, good welding or both these properties and higher strength than 1xxx series of alloy. Such like kitchenware, food, chemical product dealing and storage equipment, groove, tin of transmission liquid product, all kinds of pressure container and pipes processing by thin plate

    3004 Aluminum Plate

    All aluminum requests higher strength of parts than 3003 alloy, chemical product producing and storage equipment, thin plate workpiece, architecture workpiece, architecture tools, all kinds of lump parts.

    3105 Aluminum Plate

    Room partition, apron, portable house, gutter and down pipe, thin plate forming workpiece, bottle cap, bottle cork, etc.

    3A21 Aluminum Plate

    Airplane oil box, oil way tube, rivet wire rod, etc. Architecture material and food, industrial devices, etc.
  • 5005 Aluminum Plate

    Similar to 3003 alloy, with middle strength and good corrosion. It can be used in conductivity, cooker, instrument plate, shell and architecture decoration. Anode oxidizing film is brighter than 3003 alloys and coordination with 6063 alloy in hue.

    5050 Aluminum Plate

    Thin plate can be made to lining plate of refrigerating machine and refrigerator, car gas pipe, oil pipe and agricultural irrigation pipe, also can add into thick plate, tube, rod, profiled material, wire material, etc.

    5052 Aluminum Plate

    This alloy has feature of good forming processing property, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, fatigue strength and middle static strength, which is applied to make airplane oil box, oil pipe, and sheet metal parts of transportation vehicles, instrument, street light branch, bolt, hardware, etc.

    5056 Aluminum Plate

    Magnesium alloy, cable insulting sheath rivet, zipper, nail, etc. Aluminum wire rod is widely applied in processing agricultural insect trap cover, and other occasions high corrosion resistance needed.

    5083 Aluminum Plate

    It is used in the occasion of high corrosion resistance, good welding, middle strength, pressure container with strict fire resistance, refrigerator equipment, television tower, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile element, armor, etc.

    5086 Aluminum Plate

    It is used in the occasions of high corrosion resistance, good welding and middle strength, such as ships, cars, airplanes, low temperature equipment, television tower, drilling equipment, transportation devices, missile parts, deck, etc.

    5154 Aluminum Plate

    Welding structure, storage tank, pressure container, ship structure and sea devices, transportation tank.

    5182 Aluminum Plate

    Thin plate is used to process cans cap, car body plate, controlling panel, strong parts, bracket, etc.

    5252 Aluminum Plate

    It is used to make high strength of decoration parts, such like decoration parts of the car. Bright and transparent oxidation film after anode oxidizing.

    5254 Aluminum Plate

    Hydrogen peroxide and other chemical product container

    5356 Aluminum Plate

    Welding magnesium element is greater than 3 percent of aluminum. magnesium welding rod and welding wire 5454 Aluminum Plate: Welding structure, pressure container, sea equipment pipes

    5456 Aluminum Plate

    Armor, high strength welding structure, storage tank, pressure container, ship material 5457 Aluminum Plate: Car after polishing and anode oxidizing dealing and decoration parts of other equipment

    5652 Aluminum Plate

    hydrogen peroxide and storage container of other chemical product

    5657 Aluminum Plate

    Car after polishing and anode oxidizing dealing and decoration parts of other equipment, but guaranteeing thin grain structure of material in any occasion

    5A02 Aluminum Plate

    Airplane oil box and tube, welding wire, rivet, ship structural parts

    5A03 Aluminum Plate

    Middle strength welding structure, cold pressure parts, welding container, welding wire, which can replace5A02 alloy

    5A05 Aluminum Plate

    Welding structure parts, airplane skin skeleton 5A06 Aluminum Plate: Welding structure, cold forging, welding container stressing parts, airplane skin parts

    5A12 Aluminum Plate

    Welding structure parts, bulletproof deck
  • 6005 Aluminum Plate

    Extrusion and pipe, used for structural parts whose strength is greater than 6063 alloy, like ladder, television aerial, etc.

    6009 Aluminum Plate

    Car body plate 6010 Aluminum Plate: Thin plate, Car body

    6061 Aluminum Plate

    Demands on certain strength, welding and high corrosion resistance of all kind of industrial parts, manufacturer truck, towering architecture, ship, electric car, furniture, machine parts, pipes, rod, shape, panel for precise processing

    6063 Aluminum Plate

    Architecture shapes, irrigation panel and extrusion material for vehicles, rack, furniture, barrier

    6066 Aluminum Plate

    Forging piece and extrusion material for welding structure 6070 Aluminum Plate: Heavy load welding structure and extrusion material and panel for automobile industry

    6101 Aluminum Plate

    High strength rod for bus, electricity conductivity, radiator, etc.

    6151 Aluminum Plate

    Crankshaft forging parts, machine parts and product rolling ring, for request of good forging, high strength, good corrosion resistance

    6201 Aluminum Plate

    High strength electricity conductivity rod and wire 6205 Aluminum Plate: Thick plate, pedal and extrusion for high impact resistance

    6262 Aluminum Plate

    High stress parts with thread whose corrosion resistance higher than 2011 and 2017 alloy

    6351 Aluminum Plate

    Extrusion structural parts of vehicles, transmission pipes of water, oil, etc.

    6463 Aluminum Plate

    Architecture and all kinds of equipment shapes, car decoration parts with bright appearance after anode oxidation dealing

    6A02 Aluminum Plate

    Parts of airplane machine, complicated-shape forging and stamp forging
  • 7005 Aluminum Plate

    Extrusion material which is applied in welding structure of high strength and high fracture toughness, like truss, rod piece, container for traffic transmission, large scale exchanger, parts which can not do solution treatment after welding, also can be used to make sports equipment, such like tennis pat and baseball bat

    7039 Aluminum Plate

    Refrigerator container, low temperature equipment, storage box, fire protection equipment, military equipment, armor, missile installment

    7049 Aluminum Plate

    It is used to forge parts that with same static state strength with 7079-T6 alloy and high corrosion resistance, high fracture, such like airplane and missile parts, undercarriage hydraulic cylinder and extrusion parts. The fatigue property of part is roughly equal to 7075-T6, and with higher tenacity.

    7050 Aluminum Plate

    Middle heavy plate, extrusion parts, free forging, stamp forging for airplane. The request of making this kind of alloy is: anti-strip corrosion, stress corrosion, high fracture toughness and anti-fatigue.

    7072 Aluminum Plate

    Air-condition foil and special thin rod, 2219, 3003, 3004, 5050, 5052, 5154, 6061, 7075, 7475, 7178 alloy panel and coating layer of the pipes

    7075 Aluminum Plate

    It is used to make airplane structure and futures, high stress structural parts, mould manufacturing with high strength, strong corrosion resistance

    7175 Aluminum Plate

    It is used in high strength structural parts of forging spacecraft. T736 material has feature of good comprehensive property, high strength, anti-strip, corrosion resistance, fracture toughness, fatigue strength.

    7178 Aluminum Plate

    Parts for request of making spacecraft in high compressive yield strength

    7475 Aluminum Plate

    Panel is used in airplane body with and without aluminum, wing skeleton, stringer, etc. Other parts with high strength and high fracture toughness

    7A04 Aluminum Plate

    Airplane skin, rivet, stress structural parts, such like cross bar stringer, bulkhead, rib, undercarriage, etc.