Copper Bus Bar
  • Description

    Copper bus bar is a kind of big electric current conductivity product, which applied in appliance project such as high and low pressure appliances, switch contact, electrical equipment, bus duct. Copper bus bar is also called copper bar or copper busbar, generally by the copper material production.


    It is widely used in super electric current and electrolysis smelting project, like metal smelting, electrochemical and electroplating, chemical caustic soda.
    Generally, it is used in A, B, C, N bus bar and PE bus in the power distribution cabinet. A chromatography copper bus bar is signed as yellow; B chromatography copper bus bar is signed as gree; C chromatography copper bus bar is signed as red ; N chromatography copper bus bar is signed as light blue; PE bus is signed as yellow and green bi-color.


    Copper bar has feature of low resistivity and big bending.
    1. Copper bar is mainly applied in primary circuit (the phase line, null line, ground wire in the large circuit will all use copper bar), the connection of primary components in big current on the electric box will always use copper bar.
    2. There are tin copper bar and naked copper bar, in the electric box, it usually do tin dealing and embossing dealing or adding conductive paste on the connection to the copper bar, adding heat-shrinkable tube for protection at the space place, also others for insulting paint
    3. The main consideration of copper bar is carry capacity, to choose ideal copper bar according to the current. The connection must be tight, or it will happen to copper bar burning when meeting large current.